Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Happy Birthday Jolene!!!!! :)

Today is my dear friend Jolene's birthday .. she writes the amazing blog on the right ... Thompson'sTreehouse.  We have yet to meet ...... SOON though right Jolene, RIGHT??!!!
She will be joining the Adopting in Kenya so we are moving our family across the world group as well!

Another friend who's blog is to the right -  Powers Adoption Chatter - got their referral last week ... the official information and photo about the child they are going to adopt.  I was able to go and see her son at his children's home.  She cannot meet him yet until she finalizes some paperwork.  He is a sweet little 14 month old boy :)  SO excited for the Powers Family!

On another note,  its been 13 days since the NAC meeting and there is NO news.  I went to KCH yesterday and there is an issue at the NAC office so they have not released the results for any of the adoption agencies here in Kenya.  I have 5 friends that are waiting on news from the NAC this month .... so we are ALL waiting for our results. Hopefully soon!  We are told they need to release the results by 30 days past the previous meeting ... we are at 13 days ..... my brain may explode if we have to wait 30 days!  None of us know if our paperwork was reviewed .. they don't disclose whose paperwork was seen at the meeting. Although for most people when they paperwork is submitted to the NAC they have results within a month or 2.

We carry on with our days.  Paul works while we are here, his company has an office here about 15 minutes away (with little traffic) or over an hour if it's end of the day, rush hour, traffic ... so he tries to come home between 1-4 pm to avoid the rush hour. The he works from home.
He has traveled a bit to Europe, India and Western Africa since we have been here.

The boys have a nice schedule going with gymnastics, music lessons and horse riding for one of them to come.

The weather is still cool but it should be warming up here soon I'm told. Most days are partly sunny, no rain for the most part.

We just got TV service on Saturday.  We have done nicely without TV for almost 2 months,  but with the Olympics we wanted to catch a bit of it.  We shall see how it goes ..... the boys have read over 40 books each in less than 2 months .... I don't want that to slow down because of TV. We have a limit on TV watching so it should be OK :)

I will post again when we have more news :)


  1. Hello, Tracy We are Dalmar and Erica from italy and oue papers were also at this month NAC meeting. Our Italian AdoptionSociety also works with KCH and we werw also told about the 30 days time limit. Your blog is a userful information (amd for us the only one about the NAC meeting). Hope to join all of you in Kenia asap.

  2. Thank you for your comments Dalmar & Erica :) I am hopeful that we will ALL get the NAC results soon. The waiting is difficult I know.
    Are there a lot of Italians that are adopting in Kenya?

    Blessings to you and your family :)

    1. Hello, Tracy. Italin families adopting in kenya are increasing.Currently we know of 2 families actually in kenya and averall other 6 in waiting with our adoption society!
      Blessing to all of you!

  3. Thank you Tracy! You are too sweet!! ;) Yes - Kenya, meet - SOON!

  4. I should also mention that our blog is private at the moment - but can add anyone if they send me an email. thompsontreehouse@gmail.com